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I have been using the Surface Pro Type Cover for a while now and realised there is no real compilation of hidden key combinations. Here are the ones I have found, a summary of all may be found below

Function Lock

If you are anything like me when it comes to using a keyboard, you know the usefulness of the function (F1-F12) keys. When you first connect the Type Cover to the Surface you will note that keys on the top do not function as F-keys but rather as multimedia keys with the following functions:

  1. Decrease keyboard brightness
  2. Increase keyboard brightness
  3. Mute volume
  4. Play/Pause media
  5. [Windows Charms] Search
  6. [Windows Charms] Share
  7. [Windows Charms] Connect
  8. [Windows Charms] Settings
  9. Home
  10. End
  11. Page Up
  12. Page Down

You can always press the Fn+F1 to get a F1 input (not really hidden), but would it not be easier to just press the F1 key? To get the Fn lock using the hidden combination, press Fn+CapsLock, easy as that.

Display Brightness

I also dislike (ok, ok…, I’m lazy) to go through the action centre to be able change the brightness level. There are combinations for this as well.

To increase the brightness of the display, press Fn+Del (Del should be the top right key). To decrease the brightness of the display, press Fn+Backspace (Quite convenient, as Backspace is just below Del).

Compilation Summary

  • Fn Lock:
    • Fn+CapsLock
  • Display Brightness:
    • Increase: Fn+Del
    • Decrease: Fn+Backspace
  • Navigation:
    • Page Up: Fn+UpArrow
    • Page Down: Fn+DownArrow
    • Home: Fn+LeftArrow
    • End: Fn+RightArrow


Surface Pro Type Cover

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