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I recently re-imaged my main workstation, and encountered the following issue after installing and setting up docker: none of my containers with exposed ports were accessable outside the host.

If I setup a simple nginx server:

docker run --name mynginx1 -p 8080:80 -d nginx

I am able to access it though the follwing urls on the local machine:

  1. http://localhost:8080/
  3. http://jain10.jain.lan:8080/

But trying to access the third link (http://jain10.jain.lan:8080/) on different workstations did not work, I just received a connection timeout error. After some troubleshooting I found out the issue to be in Windows Firewall, the firewall was blocking the incoming connection.


After lots of googleing I found the following solution which solves the issue this time:

In Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security, the following rule needs to be created:

Type: Inbound
Program: C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\resources\com.docker.backend.exe
Allow all connections
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