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Sometimes I want to listen to something on my phone, but I am unable to connect to an external speaker, where as my PC is connected to an external speaker. The A2DP Sink profile bluetooth got introduced in Windows 10 version 2004. This is the same profile that bluetooth headphones uses to receive audio from your devices. The challenge is that while you can pair your phone to you Windows PC, the PC will not automatically start receiving and playing the audio. Enter Bluetooth Audio Receiver.

Note: This procedure could also be used to connect one PC to another PC, not just Phone to PC

Pair your phone to you PC

These are quite generic instructions for pairing a device, more detailed instructions with pictures can be found in many places around the internet.

  1. Open Windows Settings (WIN + I)
  2. Enter Devices
  3. Ensure you phone (in my case, an Android) is visible for bluetooth devices
  4. Select Add Bluetooth or other device
  5. Select Bluetooth
  6. Wait for the list to populate
  7. Select your device
  8. Ensure the same pin shows on your PC and your phone
  9. Select Connect
  10. If required, select Pair on your phone
  11. Select Done

Install application

These are quite generic instructions for installing an application from Microsoft Store, more detailed instructions with pictures can be found in many places around the internet.

  1. Navigate to the store listing for Bluetooth Audio Receiver in your web browser
  2. Select Get in Store app
  3. Wait for the Windows Store to open and load the listing.
  4. Select Get or Install
  5. Wait for installation to be completed.

Connecting your phone

  1. Open the installed application
  2. Select your phone
  3. Select Open Connection
  4. The status text at the top of the window will show [] Connected
  5. Any audio playing on your phone will sound through your PC speakers

Disconnecting your phone

If you wish to disconnect PC from your phone to resume playing audio through your phone speakers you can achieve this either by closing the application or selecting Close Connection.

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