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This pages collects my tips and tricks for the changes I usually do to customise my Outlook.

Move navigation pane to the bottom

In the newer versions of Outlook the navigation pane (with the Mail/Calendar/Contacts) buttons are in the left hand side of the Windows. I like the old version with the navigation pane below the folder pane. This behaviour can be changed in a setting in the following location:

File > Options > Advanced > Uncheck Show Apps in Outlook

Show week numbers in the calendar view

In Sweden week numbers and weekdays are often used to used in lieu of using the date. I am able to show these in the different calendar view in Outlook by setting it up in the following place:

File > Options > Calendar

Setup calendar according to ISO 8601

Section Work Time

  • For First day of the week > Select Monday
  • For First week of the year > Select First 4-day week

Show weeks

Section Display Options

  • Check Show week numbers in the month view and in the Date Navigator
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