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My current configuration of web browser and RSS reader is Firefox1 and Feedly. When I visit a website which I wish to follow and the website offers RSS feed, I like to add the RSS feed to Feedly for easy follow-up/reading. However, when I click the RSS button in Firefox, as a standard there is no option to add the site to Feedly.

For example; homepage and rss page.

Despair not, there is a quite an easy way.

  1. Open the web address: about:config

  2. Search for contentHandlers

  3. You should find a list with Preference Name which should contain multiple sets of items like:

  4. In my Firefox version 56 I have 6 of these sets available (#0 - #5)

  5. Choose one of the sets which is either empty or unused, i.e. has the following values:

    title: chrome://browser-region/locale/
    type:  application/vnd.mozilla.maybe.feed
    uri:   chrome://browser-region/locale/
  6. Change to:

    title: Feedly
    type:  application/vnd.mozilla.maybe.feed
  7. I chose to change set #1, thus my final result looks like this:

    browser.contentHandlers.types.1.title   Feedly
    browser.contentHandlers.types.1.type    application/vnd.mozilla.maybe.feed
  8. Restart Firefox

  9. Visit a RSS page

  10. In the top where it says Subscribe to this feed using Live Bookmarks you may select the dropdown and the option Feedly should be available.

  11. Press the button Subscribe Now


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  1. The sharp-eyed reader may notice that I recently changed since I recently posted about Opera Browser. [return]
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